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Medically Assisted


Kickstart your weight loss journey with our medically assisted program, tailored for both men and women. Our program features FDA-approved weight loss medication called Semaglutide, providing a strong foundation for your success. Our Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner provides personalized attention and guidance through an initial consultation, lab review, baseline body composition measurements, and discussion of your weight loss goals. Benefit from nutrition counseling, weekly compounded Semaglutide injections, and regular check-ins, either in-person or virtually, to track your progress. Our dedicated team will keep you motivated with bi-weekly weigh-ins, body measurements, and additional options like Vitamin B12 injections and monthly weight loss IV drips. With our support and guidance, you can achieve your weight loss goals confidently.


What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is an injectable medication initially developed as a treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. It is the first FDA approved weight loss medication since 2014 and is administered via weekly injections. It is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) which is a substance your body naturally produces when you eat that affects your appetite/ GLP-1 stops you from feeling hungry, reduces your food cravings and makes you feel full or satisfied.

Who is a candidate?

If you have a  BMI of 27 with a weight related medical problem (elevated cholesterol, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high visceral fat, PCOS). If your BMI is 30+, you do not need a weight related medical problem.


You are NOT a good candidate for Semaglutide if you have any of the following: diabetic retinopathy, low blood sugar, decreased kidney function, pancreatitis, medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) or a family history of MTC, or multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2 (MTC). Breastfeeding or those who are pregnant or trying to conceive/start/or add to their family in the next 3 months (both men and women) patients are also not advised to take this medication.

What are the side effects?

Semaglutide injections are generally well-tolerated, but they might also come with several side effects due to your body’s reaction to the medications. Mild to moderate adverse reactions that usually resolve within 2 weeks include:

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Constipation

  • Heartburn

  • Belching/burping

  • Abdominal pain

  • Headache

  • Fatigue

  • Dizziness

Some rare adverse effects are:

  • Headache

  • Heightened pancreatic enzyme levels

  • Nasopharyngitis

  • Upper respiratory tract infection

  • Urinary tract infection

Our medical professionals will ensure to keep in touch with you and check you up for any side effects. This ensures a safe and smooth weight management treatment, promoting overall health.

How much weight can I lose?

In clinical trials, Semaglutide helped most people with obesity lose at least 10 percent of their body weight, and more than half of them reduced their weight by at least 15 percent over 68 weeks and 86% lost at least 5%., according to results published in February 2021 in the New England Journal of Medicine. 

Book your consultation to discuss your concerns. Cost of consultation will be applied to your future treatment.

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**Cost of consultation will be applied to your future treatment.

for weightloss

Reduces Body Fat

Lowers Blood Sugar

Decreases Cravings

Reduces Appetite

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