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Vitamin Booster Shots

Looking for a quick and effective way to feel better overall? Our Vitamin Injections offer a superior alternative to oral vitamins, providing you with numerous benefits that go beyond what traditional supplements can offer.

When you take vitamins by mouth, your body has to digest them first. But our injections deliver essential nutrients into your bloodstream, so your body can use the nutrients right away. You can experience noticeable improvements in energy levels, mental clarity, and overall vitality sooner than with oral supplements. Plus, our injections are convenient because you get all the nutrients you need in one shot. It's a time-saver too!

Our Vitamin Injections can help you reach your wellness goals, like managing your weight, improved athletic performance, and enhanced overall health. Try our comprehensive vitamin injection blends and see the difference for yourself. 

Contoured Energizer


Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient necessary for the functioning of your brain, nerves and blood. It helps to reduce fatigue and lethargy, boost, energy levels, alertness and focus, regulate sleep, appetite and mood, supports healthy hair, skin & nails and also aids in the formation of DNA and red blood cells.

Contoured Radiance


Known as "The Master Detoxifier" this amino acid contains powerful antioxidant properties that assists in liver function and cell detoxification, supports mental focus and clarity, supports general wellness, immune health, supports clearer and brighter skin/ It also facilitates various anti-aging properties to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and prevent skin damage associated with toxins that cause damage to the body's cells.

Contoured Armour

Image by Nik Shuliahin 💛💙

This trifecta consists of three powerful antioxidants and immune boosters to help maintain and strengthen the body's immune defense, reduce inflammation, aid in wound healing and skin health. This injection is ideal during cold/flu season, during active illness, after surgeries and before/after travel.

Contoured Ignitor


This blend has extra energy boosting properties that may accelerate fat burning by the liver and use stored fat for energy to aid in weight loss and cholesterol reduction while improving stamina and performance. This injection is an adjunct to diet and exercise to help ignite your weight loss journey.

Contoured Sun Kiss


Known as the "Sunshine Vitamin"because the body needs sunlight to aid in the production of adequate levels of Vitamin D. It is a critical nutrient and the key to unlocking calcium adsorption which facilitates normal bone and teeth development and maintenance, muscle strength and aids in disease prevention such as certain cancers, infections and inflammation,. Additional benefits includes improves sleep and mood, supports heart and brain health, facilitates hormone regulation, weight management, immune health, blood sugar control and promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. 

* Blood levels recommended prior to injection to reduce adverse effects

Contoured Fat Burner

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This combination of amino acids and nutrients promotes optimal liver function to use carbohydrates and stored fats to boost energy, help the liver breakdown and remove fats and cholesterol, improve blood sugar control and mental wellbeing. Couple this injection with exercise and proper diet to help fast track your weight loss goals.

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